Interests and Routines in a Sexual Relationship Marriage

Interests and Routines in a Sexual Relationship Marriage

Interests and Routines in a Sexual Relationship MarriageReality soon accepted, the absence of sex is very common in marriages today. This is shown by a survey conducted by the US National Health and Social Life Survey, published by the newspaper, which states that 20% of the spouses do not have sex.

Many experts say that the lack of interest and routine are causing this problem, but Roberto Rosenzvaig specialist, accredited by the Latin American Federation of Sexology and Sexual Education sexologist mentions in his article “Marriage without sex” unions exist reaching ever be accomplished.

The white marriages are those where sex does not exist or are limited to procreation. People who are in this case usually come a religious environment that justifies and exalts premarital virginity. Others, who do not have this base, may also choose abstinence as a way to escape the practices imposed by a heterosexuality cultural environment. Continue reading

How to Choose the Best Love couple

How to Choose the Best Love couple

How to Choose the Best Love coupleThere are relationships that are complicated from the start. Falling in love is a feeling that can not be controlled, but starting a relationship is something that is decided. When the feeling is so strong that nothing else matters, not much to do but if you’re at the point where you can take the decision not to get involved, you should continue reading this.

Some relationships are doomed to be complicated by life situations of the people who will live; relationships are probably not end well, which will make life harder and eventually they’ll leave you with the feeling of “if I had known this, I would not have involved”.

What are those situations? Here we are some examples:

1. coworkers. They are the hardest avoid relationships because cohabitation makes everything easy. However, few stop to think how awkward it will be to work closely with your ex. Continue reading

Understanding the Nature and Criteria for Lovers

Understanding the Nature and Criteria for Lovers

Understanding the Nature and Criteria for LoversHowever, it can sometimes be very difficult for the character of each individual. Therefore, it is essential to put boundaries in relationships that provide welfare and guarantee the physical and mental health of people.

According to information published in Psicoblog clarify some terms in your personal relationships, family and work stable your physical health, ie you manage to reduce stress, improve your concentration and increase your personal growth. Therefore, here are five reasons to set limits:

  • You learn to know yourself
  • You distinguish between good and bad things
  • You respect the capacity of decision of others
  • It gives you freedom of action and decision
  • Your peace of mind and spiritual mood improves and you

By placing limits you end up with debilitating interactions that only detonate depression, anxiety, stress and low self esteem. For good quality of life you must eliminate dependence, learn to say no, explain what’s bothering you and negotiates when something does not appear and challenge the beliefs you have acquired through your life. Continue reading

Knowing the Attitude of the Pair of Unhealthy relationships

Knowing the Attitude of the Pair of Unhealthy relationships

Knowing the Attitude of the Pair of Unhealthy relationshipsIt is common for couples but is not exclusive to them. There are cases occurring within the family, when one of the members crying, tantrums, etc., to cause shame or sorrow, and achieve their goals.

Most blackmailers use this resource as a strategy to prevail their will on others.

In relationships, emotional blackmail is generated through manipulation, threats, abuse and insults. This is done with the express purpose of punishing the “other” if you do not get what you want. Many people access to blackmail and accept any conditions for fear of being abandoned.

How to identify a blackmailer?

The main feature is that you never want to agree or give a little to establish a middle ground that benefits the relationship. Basically, these people do not care about your partner, only care about their own welfare and in control of the relationship. The blackmailer identifies vulnerable parts of your partner to manipulate and force him to do things he dislikes. Continue reading

Selfish in a Lover or Family relationship

Selfish in a Lover or Family relationship

He or as they say in Latin, ego, is the acceptance of one’s identity, recognizing the needs and satisfy them. According to Freudian psychoanalysis, is part of the division of mind in three persons: the “it” (desires and impulses), the “superego” (moral) and self.

The Lord ego has a family, ego centrism. This seizes people so that nothing and no one around you is more amount than himself. Who harbor the evil in his mind are considered the best in everything, sports, artistic skills, academic, professional … so ignore any topic, they do believe otherwise because, as its optically all know and can, are superior and your opinion is the only admissible.

Selfish in a Lover or Family relationshipEgocentric loves making his personality the center of attention and when he does not get angry dedicated to discredit those who do not take into account. In his vocabulary favorite word is “I”, mentions many times as possible, for he knows hear what others have to say.

The Lord ego conflict can be minimized by keeping low profile. Although always lurk must learn to control otherwise, many people affected and consequently will gradually move away, after all no one likes to listen to another talk for hours about himself.

If he opens the door to self-contentedness and also applauds arrival also friendships and great opportunities that excess move away unashamedly self is lost.

Starting point of the Employment relationship facebook

Starting point of the Employment relationship facebook

Starting point of the Employment relationship facebookUnder the phrase “Do not get 500 million friends without a few enemies” This film, directed by David Fincher, which chronicles the creation of the popular social network by young Mark Zuckerberg in February 2003 as part of a project is presented studies at Harvard University.

Responsible for giving life to the now wealthy Zuckerberg is Jesse Eisenberg, who describes his character as a social little boy who invents the tool on the web to interact with others, as both craves.

The film is supported by the history of the novel “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, Genious and Betrayal ‘” by Ben Mezrich which allows, besides counting the process of creating the network social with over 200 million users worldwide, provide a thoughtful message about friendship.

The cast is completed by singer and actor Justin Timberlake as representing drama antagonist Sean Parker, creator of Napster. They accompany Andrew Garfield, Max Minghell

Artist Hollywood sexy man in the eyes of Women

Artist Hollywood sexy man in the Eyes of Women

Artist Hollywood sexy man in the eyes of WomenWith their extraordinary talents have left indelible mark on Tinseltown, Hollywood, with films like Ocean’s Eleven, Troy, Mission Impossible, The Bodyguard and Pretty Woman.

The selected group is not only famous for his roles on the big screen but also because they have a devastating sex appeal can obscure any twenty something with just smile. These lucky men-year seem to affect them at all, on the contrary, every movie, every character you feel better. Gray hair and wrinkles are the least of them abundance that “do not know what” wow that dazzles many females.

George Clooney

George Clooney In 1998 stopped emergency room ER as Dr. Doug Ross in the series of Warner Channel and now at 49 has to his credit with an Oscar, three Golden Globes and countless blockbusters. Continue reading

How to Improve Education Sexual health problems

How to Improve Education Sexual health problems

Today first of December a condom regale instead of a ham loaf (about Christmas) is just a way to raise awareness in society about the importance of sexual health, particularly the transmission of HIV / AIDS, a disease whose primary diagnosis was held on December 1981; why is commemorated every year on World AIDS Day.

How to Improve Education Sexual health problemsA fight that apparently focuses on a single day where conferences, lectures, forums, medical days and endless meetings where a red ribbon symbolizes the theme of the moment abound: the human immunodeficiency virus, AIDS. But what about the rest of the year?

Thousands remain infecting, especially in disadvantaged communities in Africa. Many more teens have unprotected sex, and most frightening, hundreds of children die from direct infection of the mother (vertical transmission).

Then, the fight against AIDS is not a couple of hours of wrenching video, no. It is rather constant information, to understand and help carriers, to tell the friend: “corduroy, use a condom” because not only for a day should consider this precaution.

The best contraceptive that Can be used

The best contraceptive that Can be used

The best contraceptive that Can be usedBirth control pills first reach the liver and only half reaches the blood. In contrast injection, the patch and the contraceptive implant goes directly into the bloodstream, reaching much higher levels.

By suspending injections and contraceptive patches or remove the implant (Implanon) symptoms reappear Insulin Resistance worse than before.

Various contraceptive

  • Hair loss
  • greasy hair
  • hairs
  • acne
  • polycystic ovaries
  • irregular menses
  • mioma

What happens if I use the implant, injection (Mesigyna) or patch (Evra) birth without medical supervision?.

The patch, injection and the contraceptive implant cause insulin resistance and often cause side effects such as:

In young or not so stable women couples is preferable condom use. Those who wish to delay childbearing for many years is more advisable to use the Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) instead of taking birth control pills for so long. Continue reading

Issues of Human rights for Women

Issues of Human rights for Women

Issues of Human rights for WomenTo justify its existence in antiquity is by ignorance and brutality of man, but now, in the twenty-first century, still practiced means a complete offense to life.

Today we see in the Middle East to an Iranian woman of adultery and complicity in the murder of her husband, and as the death penalty for accused lapidacion. Other words, it is doomed to die while a group of men pelted with stones mercilessly. Everything for having sex with two men, after the death of her husband.

Whether it was or not faithless, whether or not he participated in the murder of his partner, this woman of 43 years old is serving his sentence, at least for the last complaint considered as validly since 2006 when she was sentenced to 10 years prison. So why is added stoning? Is not that a violation of human rights?

Indeed it is, but unfortunately in countries like Iran, Nigeria, Somalia and Indonesia, still stick to the penalty of particularly inhumane towards women death, regardless of their marital status (married, separated, divorced or widowed), if he commits adultery applied Sharia (Islamic law).

Although not used stoning since 2007, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, is now threatened. On it are perched eyes of the world. Campaigns and protests demanding his release because Sakineh could be any woman, a mother of two children and has rights before being Iranian is a human being and deserves so atrocious punishment.