Social media as a Network in a Relationship lover

Social media as a Network in a Relationship lover

Social media as a Network in a Relationship loverWhat was initially used to share information and connect in a different way with loved ones, old friends and more. It has evolved to the point that they are a priority in our lives, and could even say that without them we could not exist.

Social networks are social structures composed of groups of people, which are connected by one or more types of relationships.

Among the pioneers are Facebook and MySpace, and more numerous, each with characteristics that differ from each other and there is something for everyone. Where the main attraction is to feel closeness to that person even if you are miles away by posting thoughts, photos, videos and wonder of the different applications and interactive games that you can provide the page.

The Twitter is distinguished by its ease and simplicity to communicate something. She did not resist and joined the evolution adding the option to post pictures next to the post and a variety of details, but remains the most practical and straightforward so far. Continue reading

The view during orgasm to enjoy Sex fully

The view during orgasm to enjoy Sex fully

The view during orgasm to enjoy Sex fullyAlthough ideally reach that state of climax, because it does not happen does not mean that there is no pleasure. Nor does it mean that either of them has done something wrong or are not doing enough effort to reach it.

The important thing is not to see it as the end of last have sex, but rather to have fun at the time. What we mean by this? There are countless possibilities and ways to have fun during sex (without orgasm), with various practices like masturbation, different sexual positions, and even may even include toys in time to give a different touch.

Without leaving aside the importance of cuddling and foreplay before, during and after sharing an intimate moment.

The essence of sex is not in reach orgasm, but rather to enjoy this time with your partner and demonstrated how they feel about each other.

How to call the mMedical vaginal infection in relation

How to call the Medical vaginal infection in relation

How to call the mMedical vaginal infection in relationIt is the way to call medical vaginal infection, ie produced by fungi (yeast), bacterial vaginas (promiscuous common in women) or trichinosis (sexually transmitted).

To detect it should consider the following: bad smell in the vagina, burning, itching, irritation or pain when urinating or having sex and secretion of different flow to normal.

But what is normal?

The flow is a liquid ejecting mechanism vagina as cleaning and wetting zone. Nothing to worry about as long as the flow is odorless or slightly salty smell, the color is white, cloudy, and if the amount or becomes “stringy” (like egg whites) in the middle of the menstrual cycle during ovulation.

It is worth mentioning that not all women have symptoms or fail to perceive its lightness. Hence the recommendation to visit the gynecologist doctor regularly.
Factors such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), a bad tampon in, a congenital problem in the vagina or uterus, or an allergy by spermicides, vaginal hygiene products, detergents, softeners garments are also the cause of vaginitis.

Some similarities as Important in dating

Some similarities as Important in Dating

Some similarities as Important in datingSuch alteration occurs when both have in common the same activities: working or studying together are neighbors, go to the same places. They have many similar than ever disagree.

However, at this point the matter is still acceptable, many couples assume similarities as a strong point for the operation of the relationship, as well as a boyfriend, best friend to share his ideals win.

The storm begins when the person, in their efforts to include the couple in every area of your life, away from other mortals and takes him 24 hours a day, seven days a week until the end of the world as if it were a keychain. Continue reading

Emotional intelligence Possessed Woman in a Relationship

Emotional intelligence Possessed Woman in a Relationship

Emotional intelligence Possessed Woman in a RelationshipA recent study by King’s College London, said that women have a higher emotional intelligence have better relationships and feel more pleasure with your partner. Although it was made only with women and directed towards them, we can infer the same for men.

Be smart, emotionally, allows us to better understand our bodies and impinges directly on the satisfaction gained in bed, because the study allowed as evidence that women with this ability had better orgasms.

More than 2,000 women completed several surveys where detailing on its intimate and sexual life clinical tests designed to determine the degree of emotional intelligence. Continue reading

Pill in Preventing pregnancy

Pill in Preventing pregnancy

Pill in Preventing pregnancyBirth control pills are the most common method to prevent pregnancy. One of the main reasons for its effectiveness is 99.99%, slightly higher than between 93 and 97% effectiveness of condoms, depending on the material they are made.

Now, why are not 100% effective pills? Is because its effect is counteracted when taking antibiotics of any kind.

Therefore it is important to note that if you are part of that population using this method, when sick and need to take antibiotics (penicillin, amoxicillin, among many others) is best that you refrain from having sex. But if we do the have, that your partner does not ejaculate inside to be doubly cautious

It is best to wait for the body to eliminate completely the antibiotic you’ve ingested.

Emotional blackmail is Characterized by Psychological abuse

Emotional blackmail is Characterized by Psychological abuse

Emotional blackmail is Characterized by Psychological abuseIt is common for couples but is not exclusive to them. There are cases that occur within the family, when one of the members crying, tantrums, etc., to cause shame or grief, and achieve their goals.

Most blackmailers use this resource as a strategy to override their will on others.

In intimate relationships, emotional blackmail is generated through manipulation, threats, abuse and insults. This is done with the express purpose of punishing “other” if you do not get what you want. Many people access to blackmail and accept any conditions for fear of being abandoned.

How to identify a blackmailer?

The main feature is that you never want to agree or give a little to establish a middle ground that benefits the relationship. Basically, these people do not care about your partner, only care about their own welfare and to take control of the relationship. The blackmailer identifies vulnerable parts of your partner to manipulate and force him to do things he dislikes.

It is important to recognize if you are in an unhealthy relationship based on emotional blackmail, since this condition is triggering physical and psychological abuse that can endanger your health and even your life.

Remember that arise such unhealthy relationships should be a blackmailer and one that is left blackmail. If you notice this problem asks for help to have a healthier relationship.

Romantic relationship for Men and Women

Romantic relationship for Men and Women

Romantic relationship for Men and WomenIn this regard, the expert states that “jealousy is present from childhood, for example, when the mother is expecting a second child and eldest son feels left out either, with the brothers at the time that a parent pays more attention another, also given to labor successes of the couple and so on as they pass the experiences of each person. “

However, this feature is accentuated in romantic relationships and at this stage there is “fear of feeling that your partner prefers one or the other,” says the expert.

In this situation, jealousy come to cause some kind of problems as an annoyance or a passing argument between the couple However, sooner or later the differences are resolved and there are no major problems.

Even the interviewee continues: “in love relationships are natural normal jealousy. The couple likes to feel unique, loved, loved and valued and when it does so, he or she will notice that the other has great interest, therefore normal jealousy get to become a kind of joy. “

Total Asphyxia

Shterenberg Uribe says that jealousy is pathological or unhealthy because the sufferer is excessively worried intensification the beloved partner. That is, they are not as healthy and suitable property but frustrating aspects become laden with anguish and unhappiness.

Thus, people with this disease or abnormal behavior reported feelings of insecurity, have excessive fear of replacement and betrayal by the couple. Also, constantly compared to the “umpire” and regularly imagine evil unfounded suspicions, referred specialist PMS.

Thus the most common phrases that say they are in this condition are: “If you leave me I will kill you”, “? To whom view”, “? Whither go”, “? Who went out” and “Why did it take so long?”, and many more. Usually, those who are made manifest blackmailers and insults, anger and, in severe cases even blows.

Moreover, the couple also damaged mentally but physically no longer lives happily as they continually “sick” the question for their acts, hazing brawling what should or should not do, so it feels completely suffocated however, sometimes do not understand or understand why that scenario.

How to establish a Good relationship with the Relation

How to establish a Good relationship with the Relation

How to establish a Good relationship with the RelationZulaica dedicated since 2009 to correct as written in the Spanish language with bad accented or words without tilde stop its path, more radically if it is messaging corporations or political poster because, according to him, this type of entities should pay more attention to his speeches.

Lost Accents, created by the collective name Zulaica, began as an innocent activity in defense of good spelling under also found differences by talking with their Mexican colleagues, he still Spanish. Publicist designed some stickers as accents within which explained why the tilde with playful notes like: “This word is emphasized because it is sharp and ends in n, s or vowel. I correct you and teach you so you do not have to re-pay me. Thesis, papers, documents. “

To disseminate their work Zulaica put together a blog with a photographic record of each intervention. The furor was such that people around the world joined volunteer editors: they identify a missing accent, edit formats arranged through the blog, and record the process with pictures then posted on the site.

Sign dissemination lost Accents is organizing the “tilde tones” public meetings to recover the missing accents. Although these outputs were originally proposed by the Peruvian Lorena Flores, have spread throughout the rest of the continent, so much so that Zulaica has contacted people from Brazil who want to imitate their work but in Portuguese.

In short, this young son of journalists started a really interesting movement education for anyone who wants to learn and model for those who belong to the profession where spelling is an elemental virtue journalism.

In a safe way to Have sex to Avoid contracting

In a safe way to Have sex to Avoid contracting

In a safe way to Have sex to Avoid contractingIn this sense, the mind of man has expanded due to globalization and the passage of time, and reproduction itself is no longer the primary goal of sexual activity for many years theoretically, intercourse should take place between two people of different sexes, emotionally connected and committed “Should” but, in practice, the reality is quite another.

And the term “making love” appears to have been in films and novels, as not only the “sex workers” do an exercise more and unmixed feelings more and more and more people are having sex with just known people, being as well as the consequences and complications of this “game for adults” emerge when monogamy has unfortunately been displaced by the plurality of pairs, this coupled early initiation of sexual activity in young people consequently, sexually transmitted diseases are spread more and more, to the point of becoming a global epidemic.

The illness by itself implies to humans bear physical suffering and an organic impairment however, in the case of sexually transmitted, the most pain I could stand the patient would be emotional, because the established social patterns that discriminate unfairly and reject people who have contracted teniendoles a kind of fear or disgust .

One of the many identified factors that contributes to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is the early initiation of sexual life, coupled with the constant change of partners or to experience intercourse with multiple people simultaneously (which is currently known as threesomes, orgies and swingers commonly known in English as swingers). In turn, promiscuity, prostitution, infidelity and ignorance of the subject and how to prevent it are also causing continued existence of such massively diseases.

The reality is that the majority of sexually active people are not aware of the magnitude and extent of the problem, seeing it as something that is unlikely to happen to them, regardless of what they are actually exposed to have sex with anyone without care.

Without any doubt, awareness is needed from schools and colleges for young people to begin to take precautions and avoid if possible promiscuity. In turn, it is important to keep the information on universities and mass transit sites for people to constantly be aware of this reality.

Finally, it is recommended that families teach values to instill monogamy sex act must be unique in this way would be much easier to stop the spread of these sexually transmitted diseases. In short goodbye to promiscuity sexual exclusivity is welcome!