Brave Who Want To Have Sex Anonymous

Brave Who Want To Have Sex Anonymous

Brave Who Want To Have Sex AnonymousWhen we thought that nothing could surprise, suddenly see a hole in a wall or partition, usually in public toilets, which is used to observe or have sex with the person who is on the other side of the wall. What’s up?

This particular hole in the wall called Glory Hole, is designed so that any man can enter your penis and receiving oral sex, or anal / vaginal sex and gender, can be completely anonymous. These glory holes are often in sex clubs, meeting X, sex shops and adult bookstores. In the film industry has made mention, in films like Irina Palm.

Initially, this practice began in the gay community and has spread to heterosexuals. However, risks exist for Disease by sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or being accused of harassment, few men stick their penis in a glory hole without invitation from the person you will practice sex across the septum or wall.

However, for the daring who wish to practice anonymous sex, a common sign of a willing participant is to insert one or more fingers into the hole usually accompanied by some gesture that invites the call remains unknown on the other side, to have sex.

How To Understand The Nature Of One's

How To Understand The Nature Of One’s

How To Understand The Nature Of One'sEither ambition or any other cause, this “ugly duckling” of the organization seems to be working there only to torment existence. Before you cast your resignation letter and yell how much he / hate … to read these 10 tips to Montserrat Arque suggests you to deal with those insufferable labor companions:

  1. Stay calm. The worst thing you can do is to show that their actions annoy you. The best strategy to keep those people quiet somewhat heavy, is to be indifferent, to realize that you do not fall so easily in their games, so it will engage in a somewhat distant relationship with you.
  2. Trying to understand why that person is. Date some time to think what is the reason for that person to have a conflicted character. Surely, there will be something in her past that has detonated now behave this way. When you think you’ve found the why, now working to find a solution for the change to occur and benefit the organizational climate.
  3. Other uses. It is likely that more than one of his colleagues have the same impression of that coworker. Make a survey to gather views and so, together, find the best solution to this problem.
  4. Build a relationship. Perhaps the only thing between you and that person is a bad impression. Sometimes the use of technology to communicate with others dehumanizes relationships and therefore can not be a healthy coexistence between a workgroup. Why not organize an outing or a meal to get to know better? You may find if in fact this is a difficult person to deal with or not.
  5. Never miss respect. “Do not do what you do not want” might be the phrase with which this point is explained. Perhaps without realizing it, the deal you gave that person was not the right things and therefore, all that has done is defend. Change your attitude, you might also notice a change in the other.
  6. Do not let things get worse. Not miss more time and take action. If you keep waiting, it may happen that when a choice, do not angry and insurance will be appropriate. The important thing is that you stay on the line of objectivity and not act on impulse. Cool head in these cases.
  7. I face it. Very peaceful and diplomatic way, and tell him what acercatele not you think of his behavior and the way how it affects you. Is likely to be an awkward moment, because nobody likes to be told things you are doing wrong, but also show that you do not want to go in this game of bad manners and show that you are a sincere person.
  8. Identifies redeemable points. Because you do not like someone does not mean that everything that comes from it is wrong. Learn to listen, there may be more than one point of view to share.
  9. Go with a top to find the solution. If you tried everything and still remain hostile relations, it is best that you discuss it with any of your superiors. Do not feel like a snitch, just there are things whose solution is not always in your hands and perhaps better than others take further actions. Able department should change if the relationship between you is unbearable.
  10. Stay away from that person. Although it sounds a bit harsh, but if you tried to change that relationship, it is best that you mark your line definitely. You will see that soon you will notice that doing so only brought improvements in your daily life and endeavor.


Cancer relationship and marriage in the Community

Cancer relationship and marriage in the Community

Cancer relationship and marriage in the CommunityAlthough increasingly in society reduce the number of marriages, here’s a good reason for it married people are less likely to get cancer and if it has been diagnosed, resilience is enhanced by factors involving psychological relationships.

This development has been taken from a study by the University of Oslo, Norway, where they followed more than 441,500 men and women for 40 years. All participants, aged between 30 and 89 years old, had been diagnosed with the 13 most common forms of cancer between 1970 and 2007.

This compared to the marital status of those involved, age, education, location of tumor, time since diagnosis and disease stage time, showed that men who had never married showed 35% more likely to die from the disease than married men. And the risk among non-married women was 22% larger.

Impact of Seduction in Having a Fellow lover

Impact of Seduction in Having a Fellow lover

Impact of Seduction in Having a Fellow loverReturn to the fight courtship teaching methods is the card of seduction schools since 2006 have emerged in Argentina as tracking established models in the United States.

There are men who are endowed with a sex appeal of delusional realize that even those of the same gender others less fortunate lack the attribute and therefore conquer a woman is a battle many loose weapons surrendered to dedicate to solitude.

Secret Seduction is touted as the first of its kind in Latin America. Its founders, Martin and Ivan Rodriguez Albamonte Duch, acting under the motto: “To be successful with women is a skill that can be learned like any other.” Hence in their classes work on strengthening the self-esteem of students and provide them with data on body language, guidance on stylistic trends and other details that come into play when the conquest.

Another of the most popular institutions in Argentina is LevantArt, home workshops, or intensive courses which are taught to explore their capabilities Knights of conquest and implemented by instructors during scheduled outings. For LevantArt, Martin Herrera and Mike Tabaschel are the leaders of the process underlying the books of interpersonal relations Leil Lowndes American researcher.

Having sex with a partner something beautiful

Having sex with a partner something beautiful

Having sex with a partner something beautifulWhenever you give advice on what you can improve or how to please or please her in the best way, sometimes we ignore one of the most important aspects: hygiene before and after the interaction.

This is very important because many do not take into account, and can negatively affect up to both.

So it is necessary to take some measures before having intimate contact with your partner as:

  • Ensure that none have any infections, STDs, without neglecting a possible disease like flu.
  • Do not forget to use a condom, so the woman is already using another contraceptive method.
  • The water based lubricant is healthier than oil based.

Never forget this information after having sex, it sounds unromantic:

  • Always wash your private parts with water with just water. If there are not, you can use wet towels.
  • When using a toy recalls wash to prevent bacteria.
  • Always have a pair of underwear backup just in case.
Smiling can make you look attractive to couples

Smiling can make you look attractive to couples

Smiling can make you look attractive to couplesThis idea was tested through research by Fraley and Barbara Aaron Arthur, psychologists at the State University of New York, in the United States.

In their experiment, the experts asked several couples (who did not know each other) to participate together in an activity. Sometimes it was a fun job that would make them laugh together, and in other cases, the task was just nice, not to the point of laughter, A review of your health

Then the psychologists asked each participant to assess his partner, resulting in the following: people who laughed with his obscure couple closer and felt more attracted to her. The shared laughter generated a powerful magnetism between two people.

Good humor helps keep the relationship

As stated Eduardo Jauregui, professor of social psychology at the American University of San Luis, “laughing binds and attracts people; simultaneously reducing tensions between them. “In forming romantic couples, the “flirts” is the basic strategy of rapprochement, as already established, humor and play help keep the spark in the relationship and reduce tensions, says the specialist.

According to Jauregui, “we must remember that emotional learning is going through many situations, and like the more we drive, the better we do, the more sentimental relationships or experiences we have, the more we learn and we become more proficient in loving ground. “

Important lessons from the Impact of frequent Watching porn

Important lessons from the Impact of frequent Watching porn

Important lessons from the Impact of frequent Watching pornPorn movies, XXX material that consumes a lot of people in secret, either to self-stimulate or simply to learn new sexual moves. Many times, these films being so pre / post produced, a little escape from reality where we see women ejaculating if something like a waterfall or men can hold intercourse about 100 hours without stopping to rest a little …

After watching pornography to study their effects on society, in collaboration with Life Effective collects so extremely humorous 20 things we’ve learned from the movies for adults:

  1. Women always wear stilettos 15 cm or more in bed
  2. Men always have it stop and are ready to do so.
  3. When it comes to performing oral sex on a woman 10 seconds is enough to make it stop.
  4. If a woman is surprised by a stranger while masturbating, instead of shouting and cover, which encourages and insists on having sex with him.
  5. Then the penis anal sex always comes out clean and quickly make them women oral sex to men.
  6. The women smile exaggeratedly when a man ends up in their faces.
  7. They love having sex with little fifties physically graceful
  8. The girls moan uncontrollably when you are doing oral sex on a man
  9. They always reach orgasm when the man just
  10. They have thousands of orgasms barely touch themselves, even a very few milliseconds and
  11. Provide oral sex always save a woman from a fine for speeding
  12. All women are noisy during sex
  13. People in the 70′s could not have sex without a music background with a wild guitar solo
  14. A common and desired by men practice is catching his half erect penis and “slap” him the woman’s buttocks
  15. Men always scream “Oh Yeah” when you ejaculate
  16. During oral sex, the man always puts a hand on the back of the head of the woman is doing it while putting the other on her waist
  17. All men have the penis size of a fire extinguisher
  18. Without exception, 100% of women are completely and perfectly depilated
  19. Any girl with braids in her hair is a pure “teen” caste and
  20. All other women are MILF (Mom I’d Like to Fuck).


Being Successful entrepreneurs need help in life partner

Being Successful entrepreneurs need help in life partner

Being Successful entrepreneurs need help in life partnerTop it off with the everyday obstacles faced by an entrepreneur, the paradigms that revolve around such people could end up discouraging potential entrepreneurs, letting himself lose themselves in conformity to be eternal subordinates.

Through Entrepreneurs, Johnson reveals the main myths surrounding having the world about who dare to bet on a business:

1: “What matters is the idea”

Worrying believe that is not enough entrepreneurial not have a perfect business idea is irrelevant because “almost all have brilliant ideas, but making them work is what really counts,” says Johnson. Beyond the idea, what really matters is the execution of it, whatever.

2: “Entrepreneurs are born, not made”

According to Johnson, research shows that the owners of the most successful companies gained experience working for others and learned how to run a business before venturing to create your own. Continue reading

Love in Relationships such as those who feel the Drug

Love in Relationships such as those who feel the Drug

Love in Relationships such as those who feel the DrugScientists say that in love and addicted to cocaine have similar feelings. Find out why. It turns out that falling in love is all hormonal process. It says that falling in love not only produces the same euphoric feelings cocaine but affects areas of the brain associated with rational thought, as indicated Neuroimaging of Love (2010) study on brain activity related to love posted Today by The Chronicle.

When you fall in love, the effect is like a dose of cocaine, said Arthur Aron, a psychologist at the University of New York, in the United States.

To this statement, an experiment where participants were shown pictures of love and in that time, the area of their brains, to motivate, saturated dopamine, a substance that appears in the blood to feel pleasurable sensations as applied sex, drugs or eating chocolate.

In such situations later oxytocin and vasopressin in the bloodstream. 20 minutes explains that these hormones stimulate the formation of emotional contact between lovers. Oxytocin appears in moments of eye contact for a long time, hugging or during sex.

In addition, this hormone is also responsible for the formation of emotional contact between mother and newborn. Vasopressin, in turn, form emotional bonds in men.

Harmonious relationship to Maintain the Integrity of the Household

Harmonious relationship to Maintain the Integrity of the Household

Harmonious relationship to Maintain the Integrity of the HouseholdThe crises of couples during marriage can be extremely devastating and end the relationship, or conversely, help to reaffirm the love you have always had.

1. Communicate!

All couples have disagreements, but disagreement does not have to mean ending a relationship. Talk, learn to be quiet when you realize you have no reason and understand they have differences. Remember that the most important thing is to listen and dialogue.

2. Do not let anger dominate you

Do not let the small claims make them lose the horizon of what is really important; is get over these secondary conditions. Never mistreat psychologically, verbally or physically to your partner. When you feel that you are losing control by a fit of anger, breathe and focus your mind on positive thoughts.

3. Devote time

We live in a world where sometimes we do not have time even to ourselves. One of the worst mistakes in couples is that during the time they spend engaged to discuss more than enjoyed as a couple. Think about the last time you had a great time and make a plan to meet again this way. Continue reading